Serving our customers

At GEL we dedicate a large proportion of our business to support and development. We endeavour to interact with our customers as part of an ongoing basis to ensure that we are responsive to change and new opportunities. As well as our commitment to providing a total solution, we pro-actively look for customer feedback and suggestions for ongoing development. These ideas, together with many of our own are brought together with new releases, providing additional, generic functionality and capabilities that benefit everyone.

We want our customers to benefit from our systems in the long term and look to establish partnering relationships that ensure the best possible levels of support and consistency for your staff.

Training you and your people

One of the essential elements to any successful solution is the quality of the training that is provided. From the initial receipt of your order our team will work with you to co-ordinate a suitable training schedule. With formal sessions to cover system administration, Front Office tools and Back Office processing, we put together a programme tailored to your business and staff requirements.

Training is usually carried out at your office, on your systems, with an installed system training environment that runs in parallel with your live system. In this way staff can attend the sessions and then have the opportunity to interact further after its close.

Where appropriate, we can also arrange remote training sessions to cover key system features.'s about being there when you need us!

When you sign up for a GEL Recruitment System, the partnership does not end there. We understand that being at the end of the telephone and being able to resolve issues promptly is crucial to your business and we are committed to responding in this way, avoiding unnecessary delays associated with call logging and waiting for a response.

We look for our customers to have available a secure remote connection so that we can see what you see and guide your staff through any problems they may be experiencing. We recognise the importance of delivering the best possible support and guidance to re-assure staff and provide the quickest resolve to any issue.

We also utilise this remote connection approach to upgrade your system for you, keeping you up-to-date with the very latest enhancements and tools, saving you time and avoiding all concerns you may have with regards to installing and managing software.

Tailored to meet your needs

A well set up computer system is key to achieving your goals faster  and offering your customers a greater level of service.

At GEL our consultancy services are always available to offer support and guidance whether it be managing your system delivery, transferring data, or developing bespoke enhancements to suit your specific requirements. Our expertise in these areas provide the most efficient means of getting the desired result and help to ensure that you get the most from your staff and resources.

Please contact us for more details on the services GEL can provide.