Your questions answered

We have listed below some of the questions that we often get asked. If you still have a question, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to answer your questions for you.

Can you tell me about the GEL systems in general?
The GEL range of systems encompassed Front Office, Back Office and ALL-IN-ONE solutions to suit your needs. Developed for the Microsoft SQL Server environment from the start, we have built on years of experience to ensure that you get the most out of your staff and underlying data.

What do you mean by an all-in-one system?
GEL is a single database, single application solution for Recruitment Agencies that includes the typical search and selection tools Consultants need to manage candidates, clients and vacancies (both permanent and temporary). Along with these "Front Office" tools GEL also contains the necessary "Back Office" tools to manage timesheets, process payroll and calculate invoices. In this way everyone is working off the same system AND the same data.

What is so different about an all-in-one system?
The simple answer is that it puts you in control. By having a single system for all your staff, we simplify the training process, remove the need to re-enter or transfer data and ensure data is LIVE as soon as it is entered. We allow you to decide who has access to what areas of the system and present you with the opportunity to truly manage your business data.

But can I restrict who see's what?
YES. The GEL System includes its own, easy to use, Menu Administrator which allows you to set up different menu's and screens for each group of users. In this way you can allow, for example, consultants to access clients sales history so they know before making the call if a customer still owes money etc.

Is GEL Suited for Startup Agencies?
With the availability of Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Edition (MSDE), which is free for up to 5 users, GEL is an ideal solution for new and smaller agencies, in addition to being fully scalable to handle the large volumes.

What about my existing data?
GEL can assist with transferring your existing data in line with your requirements. Whether that is simple contact details, history or even the full pay details to ensure that your ongoing year to date figures are exactly correct. If the data is available we WILL be able to bring it across. We have already successfully transferred data from many other systems.

Does GEL have a Back Office only solution?
YES. The GEL BACK System provides a standalone solution for the automated payroll and invoicing processes. Supporting unlimited numbers of transactions you can readily manage your timesheets, payments and sales ledger. With the added benefit of automating holiday entitlements, flexible payroll attachments and full access to year on year data, processing your Back Office in GEL is extremely quick and easy.

Can I pay LTD Company contractors as well as PAYE through GEL?
Yes. In addition to the full payroll process, GEL supports the ability to set-up Ltd Company suppliers, both standard and self-billing. You simply flag the timesheets as normal to be ready for payment and GEL will process these accordingly.

Does GEL link to Sage Accounts?
Included as standard with the GEL System is the ability to EXPORT your financial data to Sage and other standard Nominal Accounting packages, such as Pegasus Opera and QuickBooks Pro. This minimises the need for repeated data entry and removes the risk of error.

What about Holiday Pay and the Working Time Regulations?
With the inbuilt flexibility and abundance of parameters at your disposal, you can configure GEL to automatically accrue Holiday Pay in line with the latest legislation and your company policy. For example GEL already supports the planned increases for holiday entitlement to include bank holidays. Queries can be resolved in moments and you have at your fingertips an overview of the exposure of accrued Holiday Entitlement.

Can I use GEL just in the Front Office?
YES. GEL is available as a Front Office only system, with the GEL DB, GEL PERM and GEL TEMP systems, you can select a product that truly replicates the functionality that you need. You are then presented with the platform that can grow in line with your business.

How can GEL save me TIME entering new candidates?
With a simple click of the mouse, you can automatically create a Candidate Record from their CV File. GEL's powerful CV Import Tool identifies the candidates key details, such as name, address, contact information etc and can create a record, attaching their original CV saving you time and immediately making them available for consideration by you AND your colleagues.

What are the options available to record activities?
You can define any number of default activities, mailmerge templates for email and post and also utilise the simple inbuilt SMS Manager to look after your Text messages, automatically assigning inbound messages to the records on the database. Standard reports and review screens also enable you to monitor consultants activities and performance.