Process and manage your vacancies

Incorporating the management of permanent vacancies, GEL PERM, gives you the ability to readily process your client requirements. With the flexibility to record key vacancy information and also to configure your own data fields, you can readily match the most suitable candidates and manage their interaction every step of the way.

Each stage of the process is monitored, making it easy for you to forward details, book interviews, schedule follow up reminders and maintain a record of successes and rejections for future reference. The useful search and overview screens enable you to keep on top of every opportunity.

With the option to profile clients to support your canvass calls, you can readily carry out 360 degree searches and spec-out candidates within an instant.

There is unlimited capacity to store lists of candidates and clients, making it easy for you to maintain regular marketing activities. All this is logged and available for review and reporting to help with performance analysis for your team. 

Click here if you also need to handle temporary or contract recruitment.