Back Office with NO limits

For agencies that require a Back Office only solution to invoice clients and pay temporary or contract workers, the GEL BACK System delivers the complete solution.

Supporting unlimited numbers of timesheets and records, the GEL BACK system manages with ease your payroll and invoicing processes. Maintaining access to year on year data, you are presented with a powerful and reliable system to meet your regular deadlines.

GEL BACK supports PAYE, CIS, self-employed, third party agency candidates, Master Vend and Ltd company contractors. Our unique approach to recording Candidate Financial Details provides you with the means to support temporary workers as they come and go and change how they would like to be paid. For contractors paid via composite and umbrella service providers, GEL can automate the payment and provide and a detailed remittance automatically.

Any number of methods of payment are supported, including standard links to all leading BACS-IP systems, giving you the freedom to choose a payment method that suits your business.

You can also allow for the special invoice needs of your clients with configurations to support split invoices, unique payment terms and also the popular capability to send your invoices via email. The full sales ledger is incorporated with quick and easy screens to view and interact with data as you require.

With a full and detailed Nominal Structure, GEL also supports standard links to market leading Nominal Accounts systems such as Sage, Pegasus and QuickBooks. Every aspect of all of your GEL transactions can be posted as required thus avoiding any additional data entry and time delay in updating your Business Accounts.

If you are looking to do even more and include your Front Office requirements, then visit our GEL ALL-IN-ONE area to find out how you can benefit further.