What is an ALL-IN-ONE system?

GEL ALL-IN-ONE is a single system approach, incorporating Front Office search and selection tools, together with Back Office timesheet processing, automated PAYE payroll/payments and client invoicing/sales ledger. GEL ALL-IN-ONE enables you to manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish. Agencies of any size will benefit, encompassing all industry sectors for permanent, contract and temporary recruitment. The system can also be configured to provide standalone solutions for just Front or Back Office requirements. Quite simply, the GEL ALL-IN-ONE system delivers the tools you require for part or all of your operations without the need for integration or data re-entry.

How does it work?

Our pioneering ALL-IN-ONE approach will provide your business with a comprehensive portfolio of tools to suit your needs. You decide what you need now and if and when you want to increase or extend your functionality you can without the need to change system or worry about integrating different data sources.

What are the benefits?

Put simply, you can save time and money. Our ALL-IN-ONE approach ensures you have a system that is tailored to your business needs and the needs of your staff. Data is only ever entered once and you are given the control to configure the views and menu's. With this level of control, you provide the simplest and most efficient interface for your staff, allowing them access to the areas they need and avoiding those that are not relevant. This accelerates the learning curve and training process. Your business processes are quickly replicated and the benefits are realised immediately.

Please contact GEL to discuss and find out how we can help you realise the benefits of the GEL ALL-IN-ONE Solution.