GEL Celebrates 15 Years of ALL-IN-ONE

Having pioneered the way forward with our ALL-IN-ONE Solutions, we continue to build on our 15 years unprecedented success and track record for recruitment agencies. With an ever growing number of customers benefiting from our ALL-IN-ONE approach we want to share and celebrate our success with you.

FREE Software Offer

This month we are offering a special promotion, FREE Software, to all new customers of our 5 User GEL ALL-IN-ONE System, a saving of thousands of pounds. What better time to look to maximise your operations and efficiency by implementing our very latest ALL-IN-ONE solution.

Where’s the catch?

Well there is no catch. We are genuinely offering our 5 User GEL ALL-IN-ONE Software at no cost, saving you thousands of pounds. We will only charge for the installation, on-site user training, data transfer and ongoing customer support. These are charged at our standard rate and NOT inflated to compensate for this incredible saving.

Who can benefit?

This offer is available to any new GEL customer and will run for a limited period only. You will need to be a Recruitment Agency based in the UK.

This FREE Software Offer applies to our 5 User GEL ALL-IN-ONE Recruitment software ONLY and is not transferable to other system variants.

Our standard service charges apply for system installation, data transfer, on-site user training and ongoing customer support.

We reserve the right to withdraw this offer. Contact us for more details.