Automate & manage your workers holiday

Over recent years, recommendations and policy in managing holiday pay for temporary staff has changed dramatically. No doubt there will be more to come. This makes it vital that you adopt a system that automates the provision of holiday in line with your company policy and legislative guidelines.

The GEL systems support the automated accrual of holiday with a range of configurable options to suit your requirements. You can readily see what has been accrued, what has been taken and the resulting balance with a click of the mouse. You can also schedule holiday claims in advance safe in the knowledge that when it comes to processing, the GEL System will report on any exceptions that may arise.

The flexibility with the holiday management in the range of GEL Systems is second to none, supporting individual holiday years, configurable entitlements and even allowing for additional days, such as bank holidays as and when required.

The entire holiday management process is subsequently automated and fully prepared for future changes in legislation.